Database Development

Our database development service is one of the services offered under our software development solutions. It encompasses creating a structure that will allow for efficient data storage and retrieval. The service will include the design, programming, construction, and implementation of a new database as well as modifying your existing database for platform updates and changes in user needs. Our team will also take care of populating the database with data. Our developers will take responsibility for:

  • data modeling
  • physical schema design for given database
  • database install, patching, high-availability & disaster recovery design, interaction with network and system administrators
  • debugging and optimization

The target result is a full capacity database with proper data integrity to help improve customer relations and eliminate service downtime.  

Our developers have expertise in the following tools which may be used depending on determined applicability:

  • FrontendReact – a free and open-source front-end JavaScript library for building user interfaces based on UI components
  • BackendPython – a general programming language that can be used for both frontend and backend development, although more widely used in the backend
  • FullStack (frontend & backend).NETCore Stack – an open-source, full-stack development platform that supports Windows, macOS, and Linux
  • DevOps 
    • Azure Microsoft’s cloud hosting platform
    • AWS – a complex and highly customizable cloud platform developed and managed by Amazon that works best for companies that run non-Windows services
    • Google Cloud – a suite of Google’s public cloud computing resources & services
    • Kibana – a data visualization and exploration tool used for log and time-series analytics, application monitoring, and operational intelligence use cases
    • Dockers – an open source project that facilitates deployment of applications inside of software containers
    • CI/CD – a best practice for DevOps and agile development which automates integration and delivery to allow developers to deliver code changes more frequently and reliably

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