Traffic Planning

Traffic planning services is one of the services offered under our business support solutions. Our traffic planning services involve planning, designing and managing transportation systems, infrastructure, and traffic flow. By outsourcing traffic planning to Eastvantage, you gain access to specialized expertise in traffic planning, transportation engineering, and intelligent transportation systems information, allowing you to optimize traffic flow and improve transportation infrastructure. Eastvantage provides:

  • Traffic analysis: Conducting traffic analysis to assess current traffic patterns, identify potential bottlenecks, and evaluate the effectiveness of existing transportation infrastructure.
  • Traffic planning: Developing comprehensive traffic plans to optimize traffic flow, reduce congestion, and improve transportation infrastructure.
  • Traffic engineering: Designing traffic engineering solutions such as traffic signals, roundabouts, and road widening projects.

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Traffic Management Solutions: Traffic planning from the other side of the globe

Case study
A US Finance Consulting Firm Reduces Costs by 60% With the Help of a High-Performing Offshore Support Team

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